Kavanaugh will be Confirmed for the Supreme Court

Though I desperately want to be wrong, I predict:  Professor Christine Blasey Ford will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday morning about sexual assault on her person;  Judge Kavanaugh will then be confirmed for the Supreme Court by the Senate majority that same afternoon, or Friday at the latest. It will matter little what Professor Ford says. Republican Senators clearly have no interest in truth, only confirmation.

Republican partisans already argue that Ford is simply being used by the Democrats as evidenced by Senator Feinstein keeping the sexual assault charge secret until the last moment. They also claim that it doesn’t matter anyway since both were teenagers at the time.

I actually have reservations about the timing myself. And I don’t really know how I feel about the integrity of an apparently otherwise responsible adult who may have engaged in a single episode of seriously inappropriate sexual aggression as a minor. What I do know however is that the political timing is irrelevant to the charge. I also know that only a thorough unbiased investigation, including all potential witnesses testifying under oath, will establish whether Kavanaugh is guilty of anything at all, engaged in a single aggressive sexual abuse event, or demonstrated a pattern of inappropriate behavior in his youth.

Kavanaugh is being considered for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Given the charge against him, it seems to me Senators should be demanding to have all the facts before making such a consequential decision. If Republican Senators, including Ohio Senator Portman, opt to confirm Kavanaugh without subpoenaing testimony of all relevant witnesses, it says something ominous about the integrity of the Republican Party. Voters should take that into account when considering Republican legislative candidates on November 6th.


3 thoughts on “Kavanaugh will be Confirmed for the Supreme Court

  1. No way Kavanaugh is going to make it through this now that accuser number three has come forward and elected to be represented by Michael Avenatti. The kinds of incidents described by these women are exactly like the incidents that I experienced first-hand with similarly entitled and accomplished males in college who have gone on to be leaders in corporate America.
    If Kavanaugh had apologized for any youthful indiscretions that might have happened, admitted being part of the party culture that existed in his high school at the time, denied remembering any of the details in Ms Ford’s story but agreed that some crazy things had happened when he was a teenager and pointed to the upstanding* way that he appears to have lived since then, he would have potentially still been fit to serve. The fact that he has denied being part of that culture and seems to even be denying that culture existed is disqualifying. The guy is lying and where there was one woman, now there are three. I’m sure that there are more than three, and hopefully more will step forward to be counted if he persists in pursuing this nomination. Now that the stories are starting to come out, I think that he will step down. I am betting that he bails out before Thursday’s scheduled hearing. The guy is toast!


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