Book Review Number 30

A Warning – Anonymous

The author claims to be a senior official in the Trump White House. She/he writes a first person account of experiences in the Administration and quotes liberally from similar experiences shared by others.

I will not try to characterize the book. You just need to read it and draw your own conclusions. There is probably nothing in it though that those of us who follow the insanity that is the Trump Administration wouldn’t expect. If true, it does give a “nuts and bolts” day to day glimpse into the crazy lives of officials and aides trying to manage Trump and hold the executive branch of the government together.

The question everyone asks is “who is the author”. After reading the book my daughter concluded that the writer is probably not a single person but perhaps three, maybe Dan Coats being one. I share her view that it is probably not one person though I won’t speculate on whose stories are being told.

My guess is that the author is a “ghost writer,” probably a political historian who has access to, and the trust of, multiple high level officials currently in and/or having been in the Administration. My assessment is based on both style and substance:  the author writes like an historian; and she/he provides substantial detail of interactions. If the author were a single person in the Administration engaged in all the activities described, I think it would be easy for the White House to figure out which official was a party to all those discussions, meetings, and events.

Can’t wait for the author to reveal herself/himself. She/he claims that will happen before the 2020 election!!!


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