I hope we can engage in a productive dialogue about events, issues, and ideas that are shaping our American Democracy in the twenty-first century.

To that end I will offer my thinking and perspectives on various subjects from time to time. My views may be controversial, but they are my views and I make no apology for being honest. I hope you will consider what I have to say, challenge or criticize if you like, and offer your own ideas and views. Together perhaps we can at least promote respect and understanding among ourselves if not actual consensus.

One thought on “About

  1. Such an interesting overview of the US economy. It’s amazing how big the US deficit is. The Swedish was around 22% in pre-Corona time but I couldn’t find fresh information about the actual deficit today. We have, as you have, spent a lot of money to inject different sectors with new money in the pandemic time. Printing money? Well, I guess in these days it’s a question of digital numbers put into the fiscal system. Will this lead to future inflation? Hyper inflation? From your text I read that US bonds are to a great extent in Chinese and Japanese hands. For how long will the world trust the dollar? Is the future in bitcoins or other crypto currencies ? Every country is more or less in debt and so are the households (especially in Sweden) so where does the money come from? Is this all a mental game and a “match house” that can take fire any time?
    All the problems you mention as deep economic inequality,concentration of wealth, unemployment etc. seems to be a global headache . Has the time come to make new priorities? Downshifting; creating new value systems? Both US & Europe have been deeply affected by Covid. Are our systems inadequate for this kind of crisis? Do we need other models to organize “the good society “?
    Finally when I read your very interesting overview of US economy and system I wonder if the remedies you suggest are in phase with what the political majority in Congress could agree on.
    And last! Did you send this analysis to your political representatives or any other platform besides your blog? If not; I think you should.


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