Strange Christian Behavior This Election Cycle

This year we are faced with the worst two candidates for President in my lifetime. I wish we truly had a competitive choice. If he had any real chance of winning I would vote for Gary Johnson. I share much of his philosophy of national governance – MODERATE fiscal conservative; MODERATE social liberal.

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Give Melania Trump a Break

What is all the fuss about Melania Trump’s speech last night. I would think Democrats would be thrilled. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!

I know I feel lots better now. After the harsh rhetoric of the Republican presidential primaries I am encouraged to discover that the Trumps secretly admire the Obamas so much. That probably means if Trump is elected President he and Melania will try to emulate the Obamas’ example of quiet elegance as well as rational governance policy!!!

Ohio Education Seems unbelievably Corrupt

I am amazed and saddened at the condition of public education in Ohio. I moved here from South Carolina where public education was low quality and corrupt. I was eager to be in a state where I naively thought things would be better. WOW!! Was I wrong!! In some ways conditions are worse here in Ohio.

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