Reality Therapy On Mass Shootings

As a result of the recent Florida school massacre we are again engaged in a national debate about gun control. I admire young people from all over the country who are putting up a valiant fight to get sane gun control legislation. Sadly though, after the initial shock subsides, no legislation of significance is likely to occur just as it didn’t after Sandy Hook.

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Las Vegas Last Week – Where Next?

We passed another milestone in America this past week: the worst mass shooting in modern American history. Predictably, almost before the shooting stopped, the gun control advocates were “up in arms”, so to speak. But this time Republicans have chimed in as well saying we need to look at “banning bump stocks”.  Even the NRA, caught a bit off its game, is promoting more regulation, but not legislation.

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Guns in Daycare Centers? Really?

Following is a Letter to the Editor of the Columbus Dispatch I wrote on July 7th of this year in response to a new gun rights bill introduced into the General Assembly. The bill would have eliminated prosecution of individuals who carry concealed weapons into schools, day care facility, police stations, and other sensitive places provided that they leave the premises if asked to!

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