My Credo – Religion, General Perspective


This is the first of a two part presentation of my beliefs as it relates to religion. In this part I will discuss my personal perspective on religious traditions in general and how I relate to them. In a subsequent part I will discuss my views on Christianity in the United States along with some serious concerns I have about associated political meddling.

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Portman Choses un_American Senatorial Behavior

Following is the text of another letter I sent to Ohio Senator Portman, one of two senators from my state. The other is Senator Brown who voted to hear all the evidence of the president’s abuse of the power of his office.

I am recording it here just for my followers to know what I am doing to fight back against this unprecedented violation of the constitutional role of the United States Senate and the rule of law in our democracy. I realize this and $2 will buy a cup of coffee. But at least I can feel better knowing I have challenged Portman’s un-American behavior.


Text of Letter to Senator Portman

You must be really proud.  You helped assure that a corrupt president can continue to abuse the power of his office. At the same time you successfully kept the truth from the American people. And you only had to surrender (unlike Mitt Romney) your personal honor and ignore your oath of office.

I’ll bet you were thrilled to watch how, after your endorsement, the president publicly humiliated a serving officer in the United States Army simply for honoring a legal subpoena and telling the truth. I suppose you’re now confident that the president can successfully intimidate others who might consider raising concerns about wrongdoing?

What a loyal enabler you are! Maybe the president will give you the Presidential Medal of Freedom for your loyalty as he did Rush Limbaugh.

Sadly though, enablers are actually more dangerous than would-be dictators and demagogues like Trump. Hitler could never have subverted a democratic Germany without the support of enabling politicians like you. Fortunately for Trump he clearly can count on you and your other Republican colluders.

I am a moderate conservative, but not an extremist as most Republicans seem to be these days. I want politicians who care about our democracy and work to bring people together to solve our problems. You failed that opportunity with your cowardly vote not to hold a real impeachment trial and support finding the whole truth. I assume you think people will forget about your breach of trust. I will keep reminding them.

I realize my views matter little to you. But I will do whatever I can to see that you are replaced in 2022 with someone who actually cares about the constitutional separation of powers, Congressional oversight of the Executive, and the rights of the American people to know the truth about subversive behavior by their elected leaders.

Now with your help your president is attacking the verdict against his convicted criminal friend, successfully pressuring the Justice Department to change the prosecutors’ sentencing recommendations, and going after the judge who will ultimately sentence Roger Stone. You must be ecstatic with all that!

Senator Portman Violated his Oath

I watched virtually the entire impeachment trial of President Trump. The House managers seemed to make a compelling case that the president abused the power of his office. The president’s counsel denied that he did anything wrong; they claimed that the entire impeachment was a political charade cooked up by the Democrats in the House.

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