America’s Democracy is at a Crossroad

Over the Memorial Day weekend I spent a lot of time contemplating the history and future of our country. Reflecting on the current reality left me feeling very uneasy. The world order seems to be breaking down. Radical populists are gaining strength on both extremes but especially on the right side of the political spectrum. And just when American leadership is needed most, the US is withdrawing from the stabilizing role it has played since World War II.

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More Book Reviews

12)  Engineers of Victory – Paul Kenny

The author make a resonable case that there was no specific turning point in World War II. He says a broad range of events, technological advances, and operational organization improvements that occurred between the beginning of 1943 and the middle of 1944 ultimately defined the outcome of the war.

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Trump’s Trade War With China

I was distressed to hear Senator Chuck Schumer, Minority Leader in the Senate, encourage President Trump to continue his trade war with China. I had thought Schumer was smart and sincere. It makes me wonder if the Democrats are any more fit to govern than the Republicans. I share his and Trump’s desire to hold China accountable for unfair trade practices. But in his heart-of-hearts Schumer must know that Trump’s is an insane strategy for achieving that objective.

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Trump’s New Threat to World Peace

Sadly, it seems the US is preparing for yet another war, this time with Iran. The Trump Administration has turned up the rhetoric in the past couple of weeks about a developing military threat from Iran, has ordered State Department people out of Iraq, and dispatched a carrier group and air wing to the Middle-East.

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Book Reviews

A few weeks ago I met a new friend. As we discussed books over lunch I told him that I had begun to write brief summaries of the key elements of the books I read. My intent is to occasionally review my summaries to refresh my memory of the volumes.

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