Is Trump a Competent Businessman??

After Wednesday night’s debate performance I hardly know where to begin. I was writing a piece about Trump’s incompetence as a businessman before the debate started. After he refused to say he would accept the outcome of the election at the end of the debate I finally realized the depth of his contempt for American democratic values. His unwillingness to endorse even the peaceful transfer of power, one of the very foundations of our democratic form of government, makes whatever other shortcoming he may have seem almost irrelevant!

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Racial Conflict

A white police officer shoots an unarmed black citizen in Tulsa, OK. The citizen’s life is suddenly over and the officer’s life is probably ruined. I’m sure the black man did not do anything intentionally that he thought would provoke deadly force against him. Likewise, I’m certain that the white officer did not set out to kill anyone that day. She probably did suffer real though unwarranted fear for her life. Most likely both were innocent victims of the racial suspicion, fear, and hatred that bubbles just below the surface in our society.

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Abandon the Death Penalty in Ohio

It is time to abandon the death penalty in Ohio!! Most objective observers agree that it has no deterrent value against violent crimes. It costs taxpayers much more to execute than to incarcerate for life. And it is certainly inhuman for the rare but real minority of death row inmates actually innocent of the crime for which they are sentenced to die. We should substitute life in prison at hard labor without parole as a more rational alternative to the death penalty.

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