Book Review Number 37

Why We’re Polarized – Ezra Klein

Author Klein is editor-at-large and cofounder of VOX, the “explanatory” news organization. For those not familiar with that term, it means current news stories presented within their broader context. Klein uses that contextual approach to explain why we as a nation are so politically polarized and what we might do to mitigate it.

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Book Review Number 35

The Green New Deal – Jeremy Rifkin

The author defines the concept of the proposed Green New Deal in fairly specific terms. He makes the case that whether politicians like it or not market forces are already making it happen, though not fast enough. He calls this epoch “The Third industrial Revolution” and says it will fundamentally change humanity.

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Book Review Number 34

The Nation City – Why Mayors are now Running the World – Rahm Emanuel

As the name implies the author makes the case that nation states have generally failed to meet the needs of citizens, and that cities under good mayoral leadership are filling the void. He uses Chicago during his two terms as one example.

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Economic Stimulus Strategy

I sent letters to Senators Brown and Portman as well as Representative Stivers with the following text. I know that and $2 will buy a cup of coffee, but at least I have expressed my feelings. And of course I know the issue is more complex than I describe, but it is the framework for the approach I think we should be taking.

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My Credo – Christianity in the United States


In the first part of this presentation I addressed my thinking about religion in general and my personal spiritual position. In this part I want to discuss Christianity in the United States. Specifically, I want to present my concerns about what I see as serious corruption within part of the Christian community and in one case a dangerous threat to our democracy:

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Senator Portman Violated his Oath

I watched virtually the entire impeachment trial of President Trump. The House managers seemed to make a compelling case that the president abused the power of his office. The president’s counsel denied that he did anything wrong; they claimed that the entire impeachment was a political charade cooked up by the Democrats in the House.

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