Trump Style!!

So Donald Trump is not going to be at the Fox News debate tomorrow night. I guess they insulted him. Is he making a big mistake 4 days before the Iowa caucus? I doubt it, and here is my reasoning:

Trump and Cruz are the only two in serious contention in Iowa. That means that if they are on the same stage they will have to go after each other. Cruz, who is even crazier than Trump because he might actually try to implement his insane ideology, is nevertheless a better debater. If Trump is not there then Cruz can’t catch him in a gotcha moment. And of course Cruz will be the punching bag for all the other single digit candidates trying to get in on some of the action. He will be exposed to the potential for a significant mistake while Trump won’t be.

Meanwhile Trump will have his own show sharing the spotlight with no one. He can make his case without anybody interrupting or challenging him. He has the whole stage so he can attack Cruz with impunity.  And he has picked a venue in the same town at the same time, and will bill it as a benefit event for veterans. It’s hard to get more patriotic than that!!

My guess is that he might get a bigger crowd than Fox News maybe some actually drawn away from the debate. And if one of the other networks broadcast his event they well might even get higher ratings. Do you suppose Sarah will show up too??

Tuesday morning should be an interesting time to watch the pundits explain whatever happens!!


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