American Racial Injustice

Over the years I have come to realize that racial injustice is at the center of virtually all of our American societal challenges. If we were to choose to achieve racial equality (both in law and in life) we could easily manage and/or eliminate nearly all our internal domestic problems.

I don’t know if my ancestors owned slaves but it really doesn’t matter. Whether they did or not, they and I have benefitted from the continuing exploitation of African-Americans to this day.  Race is not a natural division of the human species. It was created as an economic power construct by “white” Europeans and Americans to exploit people of color for profit! It has been entrenched and refined for four hundred years to render the racial inequality model we have in the United States today.

Sadly, intransigence by white political, religious, financial, and societal leaders, and the institutions they manage, make it impossible to even publicly acknowledge the depth of continuing racism, much less take meaningful steps to fix it. We even have a sitting white racist Supreme Court Justice suggesting that maybe African-American students should not even try to enroll in top universities, but attend lessor schools where they could better keep up because the pace of learning is slower!!!

I know racism is a controversial subject. But promoting racial justice is close to my heart. You will hear more from me on this issue.


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