Trump on Abortion

I expected Democrats to attack Donald Trump for his latest outrageous comments about women deserving punishment for having an abortion if it were illegal. What I don’t get is the Republican outrage on his remarks.

I’ve listened to endless Republican politicians define life as beginning at conception and describe abortion as killing an innocent child and/or murdering a living human being. If abortion were illegal and equivalent to murder wouldn’t Republican logic require the persons guilty and complicit in such a crime face punishment?

Doctors aren’t out there pressuring women to come in and have an abortion. In virtually every case the woman is the perpetrator of the “crime” and engages the doctor only for his/her professional services! So in such a hypothetical criminal scenario does punishing the doctor and letting the woman go unpunished make sense even in a Republican mind?

I certainly don’t support Donald Trump or think women should be punished for choosing to manage their own bodies. But it seems sometimes Mr. Trump demonstrates the insanity of some Republican positions if they are taken to their logical conclusions.


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