Kristin Boggs May Be a Keeper!!!

Those who know me or read my literature also know that I have a generally low opinion of politicians! So I was absolutely astounded to meet one who may actually be a real person who cares about making life better for all Ohioans!

I attended a meeting at Westmister-Thurber Community where the Ohio General Assembly Representative for House District 18 was the speaker. Her name is Kristin Boggs. She was articulate and appeared to know and care about issues affecting everyday people. She seemed to actually be interested in listening and learning what is important to her constituents so she can better serve them going forward. I found her down to earth with absolutely no grandstanding!

Kristin is an attorney by training but I am willing to overlook that for the time being. She was candid about the state of Ohio politics, how the system works, and the chances of getting real political reform anytime soon. And she readily admitted she did not know everything about everything!! When was the last time you heard that from a lawyer or politician??

I know she has only been in the General Assembly since January. And I admit it’s possible she just has not had enough time yet to be tainted by the system. Nevertheless, I have a good feeling about her. I think with a little bit of support from her constituents she might be an exception to the self-centered, corrupt, and sleazy behavior of many (maybe most) politicians today. At least I am hopeful!


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