Trump Supporters Think I’m Unfair

WOW!! I must be doing something right! My critics think I was too hard on Donald Trump in one of my recent blog posts.

Those Trump supporters took issue with my calling him a “vulgar racist, sexist, and ethnically bigoted hate monger” as well as “the absolute antithesis of everything Jesus Christ stands for and taught his followers in his earthly ministry”! I admit those are strong words. But they are supported by Trump’s own words and behavior as a factual description of the man. Besides Donald himself likes strong words to describe people and events. He probably would not understand softer terms.

Among other things Trump supporters point to the poise and professionalism of his children and their glowingly positive characterization of their father. I completely agree that they were each poised and thoroughly professional. I wish Ivanka or Donald Jr were the real candidate. I would feel so much better about a potential Trump Presidency.

Regardless, the Trump children are hardly an unbiased source of insight into Donald Trump, the candidate for President. As much as some Republicans are offended by my moderate conservative political thinking even my two Republican-leaning kids would probably have good things to say about me too. Besides don’t forget that Roger Ailes is advising Mr. Trump. Donald’s kids have probably already had to sign non-disclosure agreements or risk loosing access to family perks and/or being cut out of his will!!

Other critics termed my language as it related to evangelical Christians as abusive. I am not sure what “abusive” means in that particular context, but I am sorry if some felt that way. Abusive language is not my personal style or strategy. If it were however my literature would leave no doubt that was my intent.

Anyway, I was simply expressing bewilderment and lack of understanding of Christians’ willingness to line up to support a man like Trump. He exhibits none of the values that have come to be associated with the Christian faith or that I thought were supported by the relevant scriptures. Did Jesus’ ministry include hateful vulgar language and behavior that got redacted from my Bible?? If there is a logical explanation for why this is happening I would love to hear it!


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