Comrade Trump on Immigration

I just finished watching Donald Trump’s immigration plans. What a magnificent idiot!!!

Trump’s speech seemed more like his rallies than a policy statement. He did describe a 10 point plan but that only proved to me that he can count that high. There was virtually no way to make the number he quoted add up. And it seemed that he changed his position on the fly in the middle of his presentation!

In the end I imagine he absolutely thrilled his existing base, But he probably did not achieve a single convert. He liberally misrepresented much of the current immigration reality as well as the position of the current government and his Democratic opponent. He even outlined new planned immigration initiatives that are already being executed by the Obama Administration. Of course his base probably does not know that.

He also took such an extreme nationalistic position on deporting all existing illegal aliens, even including the “dreamers”, that he probably further hardened hispanic citizens’ attitude against him. I suspect he also frightened moderate and establishment Republicans.

He was aggressive and extreme in his rhetoric just as he has been since he began his primary campaign. The tone of his delivery as well as the surveillance and police enforcement policies he described to deal with illegal immigrants sounded a lot like the old Soviet strategies I remember!

It will be interesting to see how the broader American electorate reacts to his ideas and what he said!!


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