Sadly, Clinton is My Choice

This is my last political post before the 2016 Presidential election. I wish we had different candidates this election, but I am a realist. I know that either Trump or Clinton will be President next year regardless of how I feel.

I have long since decided that I am supporting Hillary Clinton. Under other circumstances she would not have been my first choice. But I am confident that Clinton, flawed as she is, even if maybe mildly corrupt, is the only one of the two choices that is remotely qualified for the Presidency.

Clinton has made some notable “mistakes” in her public service, like the use of a private email server to mention just one. But no politician or candidate is perfectly clean. They all bring “baggage” to the campaign. It is naive to think otherwise. Every politician also spins facts to show his/her own position or decision in its best light before the audience the person is addressing. Competitors of course spin those as lies. That along with her obsession with secrecy has helped raise public suspicion that she is dishonest and untrustworthy. Though probably mostly unfounded, she has earned the suspicion many feel toward her.

Regardless, I have followed the Wikileaks releases, the FBI investigation, and the charges of “pay to play” in some detail. Most of the internal emails leaked reflect exactly the kind of confidential infighting and spin control I would expect to be going on in any competitive organization whether political, business, or even religious. It’s how the world works, and it’s going on in the Trump campaign too. It just has not yet been leaked.

Then Trump twists, misrepresents, or embellishes other fragments of information that have been leaked with his own spin in service of his narrative. It is easy to weave conspiratorial stories around a few known facts, but there is no compelling evidence that Clinton has engaged in criminal or even unethical activities. While Clinton has probably been subject to as much investigation as any politician in history, no one has turned up an actual “smoking gun”. That even includes the latest non-information letter to Congress from the FBI Director!

Trump on the other hand represents the worst candidate for the Presidency ever in my lifetime, even worse than Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater. He is a , racist, sexist, narcissist, hate monger, persistent whiner, and pathological liar who will say anything in a given moment and deny he ever said it the next day! And those are his least negative attributes related to the Presidency.

I have argued in other posts that Trump is not going to do any of the things for working Americans he is boasting he will. That is a fact that his supporter will learn too late if he is elected. I have also documented his utter incompetence in his only attempt at trying to run a public company, which is far less complex than the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.  I don’t want to rehash those issues.

In this post I just want to deal with the three most extraordinary elements of his candidacy that make him too dangerous to be President.

  1. Trump has a healthy disdain for anyone who challenges him. That plays out in his attacks on the free press. He has said in campaign speeches lately that as President he will move to limit what the media reports and how they report it with criminal penalties for violations. A free press is one of the cornerstones of protection for our democracy against would-be demagogues like Trump.
  2. He proposes to initiate surveillance of Mosques and Muslin Americans as well as block foreign Muslims from entering the US simply because of their religion. That is Un-American plain and simple, and worthy of an ISIS leader or other unprincipled dictator.
  3. Trump touts his intention to be unpredictable in our international relations. That is the very best way to accidentally stumble into yet another war. Perhaps this one could be nuclear since we already have one unpredictable demagogue with nuclear weapons on the world scene. World peace depends on predictability in national leaders.

Given all the above and the choice of candidates we have there is simply no contest!! The next President must be Clinton! Another really sad part is that if Trump loses his supporter will never learn what a fraud he is!


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