The Trump Presidency

Following is a Letter to the Editor of the Columbus Dispatch I wrote in late December of 2016. It was written to express the concerns many of my neighbors and I felt about the reality of a Trump Presidency. The letter was published in the Dispatch in its entirety at that time.

Sadly our concerns have only grown as we watch the Trump Administration withdrawing from the world community, toying with the idea of war with North Korea, and promoting hate, intolerance, and division here at home.

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing on behalf of my local community of friends and neighbors who are gravely concerned with what may be happening to our country.

Donald Trump is our new president elect and we wish him every success. Unfortunately, millions of fellow citizens have been alienated by his attacks on individuals and classes. Public demonstrations are symptoms of the fear many citizens have of the future under President Elect Trump and the direction our country may take under his leadership. We believe it is incumbent on the Congress to exercise its constitutional checks and balances to insure the protection of equal rights for all our citizens and make every effort to implement political compromise solutions. We are particularly concerned with the following:

1.  We depend on our Representatives to ensure that the new Administration engages in rational foreign policy and national security initiatives, and that our existing international relationships are honored and strengthened. Congress must insure that Administration policy does not further endanger us, involve us in unnecessary military conflicts, or subvert our values.

2.  The future of our globe demands continuous and firm action in the arena of global warming mitigation.  The new president has stated that he believes global warming is a hoax and will work toward the removal of the United States from the international climate change agreement. Our planet and its future cannot tolerate such action.

3.  A humane immigration strategy is needed that maps a viable path forward. Congress needs to produce the necessary legislation that meets the needs of everyday Americans while treating undocumented immigrants with understanding and compassion.

4.  Millions of American citizens will lose their healthcare coverage if the incoming administration emasculates the Affordable Healthcare Act as it has promised. This Act clearly needs revision to address the issues that exist but also safeguard its strengths. Surely the Congress can put aside pure ideology and find practical compromise.

Our representatives to Congress are accountable to the American people.  We ask that they hold the new Administration accountable and seek compromise among their members to protect the rights of all of us at home and abroad.

Finally, we believe the new Administration’s self evident demagoguery will spread throughout the country without congressional intercession. Without our representatives’ attention, the very tenor of our country will diminish, impacting our democracy. We believe it is essential that they fulfill their elected obligations at this crucial time in our history.


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