My First Love

I remember the day I first fell in love like it was yesterday! Her name was Bobbie Jones and we were in the first grade together at our school in Allen Center. I don’t remember ever knowing any girls before I started school. But there she was! She looked like an angel, probably just on loan from God to brighten up our days. I was smitten at the first sight of her.

She was so beautiful! I still remember the clothes she wore the first time I laid eyes on her. She had this cute little blue pleated skirt with straps up over her shoulders, a white blouse with pink bow at the collar and matching pink “anklets”, I think that’s what they called them then, with little black tie shoes.

I could just see myself spending the rest of my life with Bobbie. But she seemed not even to see me. At recess time we had to line up in twos to march out to the playground. One day I tried to line up and march with her. But she rejected me and decided to march with Judy Wilt instead. I had to march with Donny Burwell. Besides being a boy he was not even nice. I don’t think we ever liked each other after that.

It was the same week after week. Nothing worked for me. I couldn’t get close to Bobbie. She wouldn’t give me the time of day, so to speak. She acted like I was invisible! But then one day it seemed like my fortunes might be changing. We were in the cafeteria. I saw Bobbie across the room, maybe a mile away. She started to come toward me and I thought she was actually looking at me!! I was stunned, maybe paralyzed, with anticipation.

As she got closer I felt certain. “She really IS coming to see ME”. Could life possibly get any better than to have Bobbie by my side forever?? This was going to be my big chance to impress her with my mature charm. She was going to be mine. I was planning my big move when she walked right up and uttered the first words she had ever addressed to me. Looking right at me with those big beautiful angelic eyes she said: “would you tie my shoe?” I looked down at her untied shoe and my heart stopped! My future blissful life with Bobbie ended in that instant!! I had to say “I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to tie!!”


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