Mass Shooting of Students – Schools are the Problem

Like many Americans I have been brokenhearted by the senseless slaughter of so many of our young people. I have desperately searched for a common thread in all these violent episodes.

Af course those liberal gun grabbers always claim the problem is that we have too many guns and too little control. That’s absurd. “Experts” from no less an unbiased and non-political organization than the NRA have totally debunked that idea ages ago.

A number of our most brilliant Republican political minds agree with the NRA and have offered several other reasons to explain the mass shootings:  untreated mental illness, breakdown of the family unit, the absence of religion in our lives, prescription drug abuse, the media, or even abortion rights.

I must admit I had some initial trouble connecting that last reason with the trend in gun violence. But I assume that is just my naiveté. I am confident that Republican politicians and  pro-gun organizations both see the safety and security of our children as paramount, way above even any thought of party or ideological dogma. And their explanations may actually fit some of the crimes. Regardless, it just seemed to me that none were a common thread.

Then suddenly I realized the answer was right in front of me all the time. In virtually every mass shooting of students a middle or high school is always at the center of the mayhem. It’s obviously all a part of God’s plan. He just doesn’t sanction children being educated beyond primary school. With that revelation I am sure our Republican thoughts and prayers leaders and their evangelical Christian enablers can quickly identify the governing scripture.

I am just sorry it took me so long to see the light!! Think of how many lives and how much national treasure could have been saved if we had closed all middle and high schools after Columbine.


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