Trump’s New Threat to World Peace

Sadly, it seems the US is preparing for yet another war, this time with Iran. The Trump Administration has turned up the rhetoric in the past couple of weeks about a developing military threat from Iran, has ordered State Department people out of Iraq, and dispatched a carrier group and air wing to the Middle-East.

So what is the new threat you might ask. Well, no one except the war monger, John Bolton, and the prolific liar, President Trump, seem to know. And they are not saying. Congress has not been briefed on any new existential treat. Even Trump’s favorite congressional stooge, Senator Lindsay Gram, says he is “in the dark”.

I can attest to the fact that the Middle-East is a complex and dangerous place. And I don’t have any special recent insight. However, if my life depended on guessing what the latest crisis is I would say it is likely pure fiction, manufactured by Trump for one or both of two reason: Either 1) he hopes to pressure the Iranians into making a military mistake or miscalculation which he can use to justify initiating a war to effect regime change; and/or 2) he is creating the impression of an international crisis to distract from his illegal and unconstitutional behavior at home.

To be sure Iran is a destabilizing force in the Middle-East, but it is only one of two terrorist nations creating havoc in that part of the world. The other is Saudi Arabia. The Saudis and Iranians have an age old religious hatred for each other and that is not likely to end soon. Each is vying for power and political dominance in the region. The US has chosen for almost 7 decades to meddle in Iranian politics and has established an impossible climate for peace with that country. At the same time we are strongly allied with Saudi Arabia which actually is the one that has exported its particularly brand of religious hatred around the world. That is the source of most international terrorist activities today.

Trump may succeed in creating an excuse for military action but a what cost? What ever his motives it is a high risk adventure with virtually no benefit to US security and no upside toward promoting regional stability. If Congressional Republicans don’t stand up with Democrats to reign in Trump’s demagogic behavior soon this insane escapade is likely to cost still more American lives, treasure, and standing in the world community.


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