Amy Klobuchar for President

My comments in this post are relative to the field of potential Democratic presidential candidates. It is clear that short of some catastrophic event or much more insane and/or authoritarian behavior than we have already seen, the Republicans will nominate and the Russians will support Donald Trump for re-election.


I know it is much too early in the 2020 presidential election cycle to fix on a single one of the 23 or 24 Democratic candidates. The Democrats are fortunate to have half a dozen or so potentially strong candidates. Nevertheless based on what they are saying in the media and posting on their websites right now, I have made a preliminary selection. I am going with Senator Amy Klobuchar. I sent her campaign a small contribution mostly to help keep her in the game. If she continues to advance the rational policies and priorities she has espoused so far I will likely make additional financial contributions, and as the election season progresses even offer help with her ground game in central Ohio.

I am not saying my mind can’t be changed by events, priorities, and the campaign performance of Senator Klobuchar against other candidates. At this point I am particularly interested in more details on how she might propose to accomplish her vision of governance during her first term, especially how she might propose to pay for her plans.  As a moderate conservative I have had enough of the fiction of supply side economics. And though I have not heard her address it, I am also interested in her views of our growing deficit and what she might propose to reverse that trend. Regardless of the lack of detailed information at the moment, her pragmatic approach to challenging questions so far makes her my initial choice for the Presidency. She currently meets my criteria to be an effective president.


The candidate I want to see win the nomination is one who comes with previous experience in national or large state government. Ideally from my perspective that person would be, or have been, a senator or governor. A member of the US House of Representatives with years of substantial accomplishments in that body could also be a viable candidate. I think candidates who don’t have that kind of governmental experience will likely be unable to build enough consensus to govern effectively.

My personal preference for the Presidency of the United States starting in 2020 would be a female. I hold the view that women as a class make better leaders in both government and private business. Generally they are not hampered by the same ego that men suffer from and tend to be much more interested in, and willing to find, compromise solutions to problems. Political compromise is what any liberal democracy needs most.

Given the early stage of the candidate selection process, I continue looking at what all the individual candidates are saying and posting, how they respond, or don’t, to hard questions, and what they say their priorities would be as president. While many of the candidates have the background credentials I think are necessary, Amy Klobuchar stands out to me. She comes across as willing to speak the truth about what is politically practical rather than promoting revolutionary plans I might like to dream about but are fatally divisive and not likely to be accomplishable in my lifetime. Her plans, proposals, and presentations may not have the pizzaz of a Senator Warren, but they generally sync with mine and represent what I think is a practical and honest assessment of today’s political reality.

I encourage anyone reading my literature to investigate Senator Klobuchar’s senate record, her visions for the future, and to pay attention to her performance in the upcoming debates. Of course you need to do the same for other viable candidates (viable here means politicians who bring strong experience credentials to the table).


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