Protect the President!

Lest anyone be confused or prone to violent response, please recognized this is intended to be Trump Satire!

Our country is now facing yet a new even more dangerous crisis. Both President Trump and Vice President Pence have been exposed to the coronavirus and no one seems to be taking it seriously. Where is the White House team that is supposed to protect these Godly public servants? What is the Republican Party doing to stave off the unthinkable?

Someone needs to take charge before it’s too late. Don’t they know what happens if both men are subsequently infected and neither is able to discharge his duties. Nancy Pelosi will step in and take over the presidency. White men could lose control of public policy. Our entire paternalistic society could be in danger. Women might even achieve equal pay.

Republicans! It’s in your hands. Contact the White House or your Senators and Representatives. Demand that the White House medical team begin following President Trump’s sage advice about disinfectants.  Doctors must immediate begin daily injections of Lysol and Clorox into both sainted men to make absolutely sure neither comes down with the virus.

Wake up people!! Pay attention to your priorities. We need to keep our stable genius president healthy and in the White House for another four years. Do you want to have to live with clean air and water, more renewable energy, or God forbid, universal healthcare? Under another administration old people might even live longer, putting too much strain on Medicare and Social Security. Think about what’s at stake and take action.


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