Trump will be President!!!

I have decided to suspend new blog posts, at least in the near term. We are entering a new dark chapter in American history and I can’t even imagine where it will lead. My heart is just not into writing anything else until I see if we have a democratic future that includes respect for diversity and any accommodation of political compromise.

When I initiated I set out to offer honest fact-based opinion and perspective on the important issues we face in our state and  nation. I hoped that would spark discussion of ideas that might strengthen our democracy. After this year’s presidential election I realize that facts, truth, honesty, and integrity are all irrelevant to a large segment of the electorate, even to about 80% of those who claim to be born-again Christians! The utter hopelessness of my personal efforts was finally brought home to me in spades by my own daughter. I couldn’t even convince her that Trump’s contempt for our democratic values and his penchant for spreading hate were enough to actually vote against him.

I desperately hope Donald Trump turns out to be the best President of my lifetime. The prospects are not promising though. His only consistent message so far has been one of personal insult and xenophobia. We just don’t yet have a clue about how he will actually govern or what his real priorities are. We can only speculate based on his historical behavior and what he says he will do. Neither are reassuring for our democracy under a Trump Presidency.

Meanwhile until we have more hard information to consider I am just going to focus on enjoying family and friends, and trying to make life a bit easier for some less fortunate than me. I’ll leave national politics to those who supported Trump or chose not to stand for anything.

Though we have historically been a democratic nation, comrade, the votes are in and we deserve whatever we get! I’m sure Putin is relieved!!


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