A+ Puerto Rican Relief Effort

The media is again attacking the greatest President in American history! This time CNN, the Washington Post, and the rest of the mainstream media are all lining up to criticize President Trump’s Puerto Rican hurricane relief effort. “He isn’t paying enough attention to the pain and suffering”, they say. But everybody knows better than that. He tweeted about it 4 times just last week.

Then they charge aid is not coming in fast enough. They claim the President won’t authorize non-US ships to carry humanitarian supplies from US ports. Well duh!! That’s against the law!! Do they want the President to just suspend the rule of law any time he feels like it? OK, yes he did waive the law to help Texas and Florida, but that was a whole different case. Those were both solidly RED states, not some offshore territory where people couldn’t even vote for him to be President!

All things considered, you just can’t blame President Trump for being careful about engaging in some massive relief initiative for Puerto Rico. That might cost “billions and billions of dollars”. It might even disrupt Congress’s work on tax cuts for the GOP’s wealthiest political donors. And as he tweeted himself, their infrastructure was already a mess before the storm, and they still owe massive debts to Wall Street banks. Those bankers surely deserve an ally in the White House and some consideration here. Beside, President Trump has no personal property there that could benefit from a major relief program. The last business he operated in Puerto Rico was barely able to pay him his $600,000 management fee before it filed for bankruptcy in 2015.

The Puerto Ricans may not have food, water, or fuel, but they are Hispanic for God’s sake! We should be thankful that an ocean separates us from them. Otherwise we’d have to build another wall. And if President Trump were to show too much empathy a bunch of them might try to use their American citizenship to crash the borders of the US mainland. That would be a political catastrophe. Their migration into the US could dilute white voting power in several southern states, and disadvantage some “very fine” Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

The media will likely continue this drumbeat of criticism of President Trump. They’ll try to create or exaggerate any perceived lack of concern for Puerto Rico. But don’t be fooled. They are being grossly unfair to the President. While the hurricane was certainly unfortunate for the people on that island the President is dealing with a real crisis of far greater proportions right here at home. Football players are actually knelling like they were in church during our national anthem. What is a few million Americans without food and water compared to that?


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