Political Satire

I have been encouraged by some readers to post several satirical pieces I have written over the past year. I have decided to do that. Most of the posts are about the strange political environment we have been experiencing. None are intended to be serious representation of fact.

The first piece I am posting however is current, very caustic, and critical of the President. I make no apology for that. The man is an embarrassment to most Americans and a danger to the safety and security of America and world order. The unfolding crisis in Puerto Rico demonstrates just one dimension of the incompetence of President Trump and the chaos he has created within his Administration.

As a country we have so much recent and historical experience with what works and what does not in natural disasters like Maria. Even I knew we needed the federal response to move much more quickly in Puerto Rico than it has. Now we have a growing national crisis on our hands. And only today after more than a week of inadequate federal action we are just beginning to see some more rational response from the President. I only hope it will continue.

I wrote the first piece I will post a couple of days ago. It is meant to be satire, but I can easily imagine the scenario I describe actually playing out in President Trump’s mind. That is a sad commentary on the state of the political and mental health of the current President and his Administration.



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