Guns in Daycare Centers? Really?

Following is a Letter to the Editor of the Columbus Dispatch I wrote on July 7th of this year in response to a new gun rights bill introduced into the General Assembly. The bill would have eliminated prosecution of individuals who carry concealed weapons into schools, day care facility, police stations, and other sensitive places provided that they leave the premises if asked to!


I read “Concealed guns to get a boost?” in the Friday Dispatch with utter shock. I had no idea the gun lobby could buy so many Ohio legislators.

I moved to Columbus from a southeastern state where gun rights are sacrosanct. I am a retired firearms safety instructor from there and was certified by that state as a concealed weapons permit instructor. So I am not anti-gun, just anti-stupid. In spite of their love of guns in that state they never came close to proposing anything so insane as House Bill 233.

It is true, as the supporters of the bill say, that the vast majority of concealed weapons permit holders are law-abiding. But in about the same proportions as non-permit holders they turn violent and kill other human beings. House Bill 233 will certainly make it easier for those individuals to test the limits of detection. They can then plan their attacks against law enforcement officers, children in school or day-care, or wherever guns are not permit on premises much more confidently.

In spite of the proliferations of firearms only about 35% of American households have any guns. Next election the other 65% should remember which legislators voted for this bill.



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