Portman Didn’t Know How He Would Have Voted!

The following is a Letter to the Editor I wrote to the  Columbus Dispatch regarding the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill. Ohio Senator Rob Portman was asked by a journalist how he would have voted on the bill if it had come up for a vote. Following is his answer!!


I was disappointed to see Senator Portman’s response to Jack Torry’s question about how he would have voted on the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill if it had not died without a vote. He is quoted in the Dispatch as saying: “It depends on how it ended up”!

It’s hard to imagine a single responsible Senator voting for a bill with such potential impact on our national economy and the lives of millions of Americans without any objective quantification of that impact. Senator Portman knew the impact could not be known until the CBO completed its assessment! He also knew the CBO assessment could not be done before a vote was being scheduled. And he still couldn’t answer how he would have voted?

Some politician show courage and stand for what is right even when it goes against the Party line. John McCain is one of the few courageous Republican Senators who would not allow Graham-Cassidy to proceed without going through the normal Senate legislative process. They make you proud of them and the America they serve. Sadly most of the other Republicans seem to be more like Senator Portman! They keep quiet and leave the heavy lifting to those with the courage.   I guess I just hoped for more from Senator Portman.


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