Amy Klobuchar for President

My comments in this post are relative to the field of potential Democratic presidential candidates. It is clear that short of some catastrophic event or much more insane and/or authoritarian behavior than we have already seen, the Republicans will nominate and the Russians will support Donald Trump for re-election.

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America’s Democracy is at a Crossroad

Over the Memorial Day weekend I spent a lot of time contemplating the history and future of our country. Reflecting on the current reality left me feeling very uneasy. The world order seems to be breaking down. Radical populists are gaining strength on both extremes but especially on the right side of the political spectrum. And just when American leadership is needed most, the US is withdrawing from the stabilizing role it has played since World War II.

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More Book Reviews

12)  Engineers of Victory – Paul Kenny

The author make a resonable case that there was no specific turning point in World War II. He says a broad range of events, technological advances, and operational organization improvements that occurred between the beginning of 1943 and the middle of 1944 ultimately defined the outcome of the war.

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Kavanaugh will be Confirmed for the Supreme Court

Though I desperately want to be wrong, I predict:  Professor Christine Blasey Ford will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday morning about sexual assault on her person;  Judge Kavanaugh will then be confirmed for the Supreme Court by the Senate majority that same afternoon, or Friday at the latest. It will matter little what Professor Ford says. Republican Senators clearly have no interest in truth, only confirmation.

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Is Trump America’s First Dictator?

Watching President Trump attack the free press as the “enemy of the people” and discredit institutions of democratic government, I am reminded of a demagogue from another era. That was Joe McCarthy, junior Senator from Wisconsin in the early ‘50s. A self centered egotistical opportunist, his only interest was in personal fame, fortune, and political power.

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