I Might Have Been Secretary of State

I wrote this satirical piece in January for presentation to my writers’s group. The funny part is that they at first believed it!! I took that as a real complement!


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Trump Will Save the Coal Industry!!

Following is a satirical piece I wrote in December last year about President-Elect Trump’s brilliant strategy for revitalizing the coal industry in America.


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A+ Puerto Rican Relief Effort

The media is again attacking the greatest President in American history! This time CNN, the Washington Post, and the rest of the mainstream media are all lining up to criticize President Trump’s Puerto Rican hurricane relief effort. “He isn’t paying enough attention to the pain and suffering”, they say. But everybody knows better than that. He tweeted about it 4 times just last week.

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Political Satire

I have been encouraged by some readers to post several satirical pieces I have written over the past year. I have decided to do that. Most of the posts are about the strange political environment we have been experiencing. None are intended to be serious representation of fact.

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Can We Survive Trump??

I have not written on my blog in recent months. I was so demoralized by the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election I just needed time to reflect. I was never enamored with Clinton, but I knew from observing him for 30 years that Trump was dangerous. I could not, and after 8 months of the Trump Administration still can’t, imagine what will become of our country if we actually have to endure 4 years of this insanity.

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Trump will be President!!!

I have decided to suspend new blog posts, at least in the near term. We are entering a new dark chapter in American history and I can’t even imagine where it will lead. My heart is just not into writing anything else until I see if we have a democratic future that includes respect for diversity and any accommodation of political compromise.

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